The Goose Valley Golf Committee Grapevine – December 2016

15 December 2016
The Goose Valley Golf Committee Grapevine – December 2016

Golf Newsletter December 20163We are now into the festive season, this year has gone by pretty quickly! We as your committee have tried to make some positive changes to your golfing experience at Goose Valley in 2016 and I would like to in particular thank Captains Robert Wiggett and Ruth Hein for their dedicated efforts, as well as all those in the Pro Shop for their continued assistance. May everyone have a blessed Christmas, spend some quality time with your families, and may all your dreams come true in 2017!! 

Inter-Estate: Well done to Mossel Bay who stood victorious and clinched the trophy for 2016. This event has become a highlight on the golfing calendar and we look forward to its continued success in 2017. The last game was played at Pinnacle Point at the end of November on a beautiful summer’s day, with a very good spread provided afterwards by Pinnacle Point (some nice music too!). 

Goose Valley was represented by Robert Wiggett & Johan Nortje, Clive & Debbie Brown, Bobby Rogers & Candy McGuinness, Ruth Barclay & Ronnie Buttle, Ruth Hein & Gail Wall, Esrine Zander & John Wilschut. The day was won by Mossel Bay, Pezula was second and Pinnacle Point third – Goose Valley was last. We ARE going to be stronger next year but a very big thank you to all those that participated for Goose Valley this year, its very much appreciated! The final results for 2016 are as follows: 

MosselBay 1,467  

Pinnacle Point 1,420

Simola 1,417

St Francis Links 1,413

Oubaai 1,376

Pezula 1,368

Goose Valley 1,345

Golf Newsletter December 20161

Some of the GV players @ Pinnacle Point: Ruth Barclay, Debbie Brown, Captain Robert Wiggett, Captain Ruth Hein and Gail Wall.

News in general: 

Golf Newsletter December 20164Ladies Seniors took place at Mossel Bay on 7th November …. the final game for the year was played in beautiful weather and the format was Medal or Stableford, depending on your handicap.  

Goose didn’t have any winners, but having said that, Terri Bloom won a delicious Christmas Cake in a lucky draw! 

Knock-out Competition: Whilst the Men are still playing their comp, the Ladies knock-out has been finalised, with the team of Ruth Hein / Pat Miliner being the winners. Runners up were team Norma Taylor / Ruth Barclay. Well done to the worthy winners!!  

Don’t forget the very popular 9-hole Meat competitions on Fridays, always a wonderful vibe and great meat to win!  

PEFAGOSI was held at Fancourt on 22nd November and in superbweather the 40 ladies from the various clubs (10 from each club) enjoyed a day of golf on theOutenique course. These games are a mix of the four clubs: Pezula, Fancourt, Goose Valley and Simola, with each team of four having a representative from the four clubs. Goose Valley was represented by Maré Gibson, Linda Victor, Terri Bloom, Norma Taylor, Angela Collins, Candice McGuinness, Ruth Hein, Gail Wall, Bea Wallace and Ruth Barclay. There are several results chosen from thescores, and the team of Ruth Barclay won the alliance with 87 points, with Candice McGuiness’s team coming in second, also on 87. 

The overall picture looked like this: 

  • Pezula on 247 
  • Fancourt on 273 
  • Simola on 244 
  • Goose Valley on 240   

Thank you ladies for representing Goose Valley, we hope you enjoyed the day! 

Welcome to the Swallows – 12th November 2016

Golf Newsletter December 20165Goose Valley is always pleased when their swallows return and this year the committee held an event to welcome them back. The weather was a bit on the chilly side (maybe to help them acclimatise??) but we nevertheless had a good turnout of 42 golfers. The golfers who finished later in the day unfortunately got blessed by the heavens but were soon able to warm up in the clubhouse, and a happy atmosphere with some tasty snacks and good cheer prevailed. Prizes given out were donated by members, for this we are very grateful too - your generosity is much appreciated, we know we can always count on you to help make a golfing experience a great one! The format for the day was 4BBBS Scramble Drive and the winners with some impressive points were:

The format for the day was 4BBBS Scramble Drive and the winners with some impressive points were:


1st: John & Norma Taylor



2nd: Bea & Dave Wallace



3rd: Richard Lee & Russ Parkinson



4th: Terri & Ian Bloom

5th: Ken & Margaret Foster

6th: Alan & Pauline Payne

7th: Robert Wiggett & Johan Nortje

8th: David & Anne Hyde


The side-bet alliance was won by John & Norma Taylor / Bea & Dave Wallace on 100 points.

NTPs were:



Tony McGuinness


Richard Squire



Peter Wylie



Ezrine Zander

Chaz Everitt were there to warm the golfers spirits by providing an array of shooters, most welcomed by many of the golfers, all kindly handed out by Di Rogers. Thanks to Chaz Everitt for always supporting Goose Valley events, its always much appreciated.



The Chaz Everitt Team from left to right: Esrine, Tony, Candi, Bobby and Di.


Our very friendly Pro Shop Manager, James – he and the Pro Shop team worked hard on the day to ensure that everything went smoothly – thank you James and everyone who assisted on the day! Its also great that our Head Pro, Richard, ensure that he spends time with the golfers and he joined in with the spirit of the day by participating as a player. 

Ladies Golf Christmas Party 

Yes, its that time of the year when people let their hair down and just enjoy some good clean fun, all in the spirit of Christmas. The Ladies Christmas party was held after the game on Thursday 24th November – unfortunately the weather didn’t play along and so the ladies couldn’t finish the very interesting and fun format that the Pro Shop had devised for them. However, whilst golf was rained out, the ladies still enjoyed a wonderful lunch of great snacks and drinks, and present swopping – very well organised by Captain Ruth. 

Captain Ruth always takes a lot of care in trying to meet the needs of everyone, to create a fun and happy spirit in the Ladies section – we are all very thankful for her efforts during the year, we are certainly very lucky to have a Captain of her calibre! Enjoy these pics of the afternoon, lots of laughs with great friends! 



 Christmas Party: Turtle Creek Golf Estate 

And still on Christmas parties: Nicci of the Turtle Creek Golf estate held an annual Christmas event for her staff and the golf committee were invited to attend. The setting was the beautiful Whaling Station and a wonderful evening of good food, great company, great music (thanks to DJ James!) and many, many laughs persued. 

Some people let their hair down (literally Richard!!), and it is always wonderful to see those people who are normally quite serious in all that they do in the working environment, just opening up and enjoying the great vibe. Thank you Nicci for a tremendous evening!!


Captain Ruth, Bobby & Nicci


Captain Robert, Jackie & Ruth


James & Andre


Pull that cracker!!!


Our dear Pro, Richard!! Don’t you love the glasses & wig!!! 

Know your rules: 

Local Rule 24-1. Movable Obstruction 

A player may take relief, without penalty, from a movable obstruction as follows: if the ball does not lie in or on the obstruction, the obstruction may be removed. If the ball moves, it must be replaced, and there is no penalty, provided that the movement of the ball is directly attributable to the removal of the obstruction. Otherwise, Rule 18-2a applies. 

Golf Etiquette – Be a Silent Partner: 

When someone is getting ready to hit a shot, DON’T make practice swings in their field of vision – it is their turn to play! The point is, stand still from the time a player sets himself until the ball has left the club. 

Know where to stand and when to keep quiet. Position yourself directly across or at a diagonal from a player setting up. Never stand on the line of play, either beyond the hole or directly behind the ball. When a player is about to hit a shot, think of the fairway as a cathedral, the green a library. 

In closing, our AGM is being held on 21st December 2016 at 18h00 at the Clubhouse, Goose Valley Golf Estate. Members should have received the notice of the meeting plus the relevant documentation – if not, please contact us and we can forward it to you. Enjoy this bumper issue, the Grapevine will be taking a break until end Jan 2017. 

Yours in golf, Ruth B.


Committee contact details:

Robert Wiggett -

Ruth Hein -

Ruth Barclay –








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